Marine Deity Dagôn ?


According to Palestine and Phoenician history, both Dagôn (Yamm ?) and his brother El-Kronos were worshipped together as equals [1]. Many scholars believe that the merman images found in Palestine and Phoenicia are those of Dagôn, this depiction as survived the ages but still deemed controversial. Dagôn was also associated with the half fish female deity Derceto, this may also account for his own portrayal as half fish – half man.

1: Ba´al was said to have been born at El-Kronos & Dagôns celestial house.

There are many unanswered questions in respect to who is depicted on the coins of Arados. This is a very complex and difficult subject to tackle and one which perhaps will never be solved. 

Dagôn was associated with being the god of grain in the middle Euphrates and old Babylonia. It´s only when the Phoenicians & Palestinians adopted Dagôn as one of their own gods that certain scholars, possibly incorrectly, translated the diminutive form of Hebrew to that of fish ( דג ). I believe when translated, this gives us the name of Dagôn, meaning “little fish” or “what belongs to the fish”, thus translates as “fish-stump” (fish like body) ?

There are other options such as Yamm (Yam), an ancient god from the semitic word meaning sea. He was worshipped by the semitic religions including Phoenicia and the Canaanites. Perhaps Dagôn is an adaptation of Yamm, this was common practice in the ancient world i.e  Ba´al = Zeus

Please follow provided link for coins attribution;

PZ 5.jpg

PZ 7.jpg

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