Phoenicia, Arados 400-380 B.C

AE 15.54mm (Thickness 2.03mm), weight 2.85g, die axis = 4h (90 degrees). Tetrobol

Obverse: Figure of Marine Deity right (Ba´al Arwad), lower part of body fish-like with lines representing scales,  fish (Dolphin) held in both hands, border of dots of flan.

Reverse: Galley right with eye on prow, row of shields along bulwark, winged seahorse (hippocamp) right, dotted border, incuse square.

PZ 2.jpg

Ref: Betlyon, Pg.84 No.6; HGC10 Pg 14, No.39; BMC Phoenicia Pg 3, No. 7-9, Pl.I No.5-6.

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