Price 3426 – Arados (ex.Byblos)

It was inevitable that i would eventually find time to share my limited but growing collection of Alexander III coins.

To be perfectly honest, i seem to have run out of bronzes.

The first coin in my Alexandrian series is this Price 3426, which was attributed to Byblos by Newell. The monogram on coins of Byblos should not be mistaken for that of Arados. Most scholars would instantly recognise the AP monogram of Arados but perhaps believe the Byblian to be also Aradian.

Subtle differences can be clearly seen when comparing both sets of monograms on coins of Alexander. On Aradian coins the AP monogram is quite distinct, with the semicircle of the letter P being placed at the very top right of the letter A. This however is not the case for the Byblian monogram, the adjoining letter is situated two-fifths the way down the right leg of the letter A.  Newell determined that this combination of letters indicated the name of King Adramelek.

We know from the Persian period that King Adramelek´s coins were minted with his abbreviated name from right to left aleph & daleth or kaph (daleth & kaph being very similarly written in Phoenician, pre-Alexander). If Newell is correct then the Alexander monogram should read AD or possibly AK. After studying numerous coins of Byblos and rotating my coin in the hope of deciphering the monogram i am still none the wiser.

My hats of to the Hellenistic die-sinkers and the incredible and detailed work they produced.

Please follow provided link for the coins attribution.

Note: Reattributed to Arados.

LR 2

LR 5 LR 8


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