Rare Hemidrachm -série III


To my knowledge only one other confirmed example of this coin exists with era date 20 (240-239 B.C), Duyrat lists the coin as Newell 100 70399 and as belonging to ANS in New York. I searched the ANS database but unfortunately wasn’t able to locate the coin.  

There seems to be a control mark far right below the prow, the Phoenician letter is beth. The location of the letter is highly unusual,  i have never seen a control mark placed before the date on coins of Arados. One possibility is that the engraver on competition of the reverse die, forgot to leave room for the control mark and was then forced to cram the letter in before the date.

An 20 (240/239) 

1.  1581 D8-R8, New York, ANS 1944 100 70399 Newell. 1,88 g, 12,5 mm, 12 h. 

2.           D8b-R8b, Stockholm, collection Martin Rowe No.OK. 1,70 g, 13.18 mm, 11 h.

Please follow provided link for coins attribution;


OK 4.jpg

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