Just Extraordinary

This is just extraordinary, the more coins i collect from my preferred collecting area the more i realise that i have just started to scratch the service.

The coin i would like to share with you today is no exception, it just happens to be the first coin documented dated year 49 with Phoenician letters kaph & beth on either side of the city monogram AP (Arados).

The letter beth appears to overlap what should be part of the decking. An oversight on behalf of the engraver of was it intentional (bottom image).

I only know of a handful of year 49´s that have been published, they have the following monograms.

uncertain / AP / aleph  x1

daleph / AP / ayin  x2

taw / AP / ayin  x5

My coin is nearing VF with good center strike, this made the identification process quite simple.

Please follow provided link for the coins attribution


MO 2

MO 4.jpg

MO 5.jpg

By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Arados

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