Long Overdue Hemidrachm


Long overdue but well worth the wait, i have finally got my hands on my first Aradian Hemidrachm. Quite similar to the bronzes from the same period and devoid of any era date, these coins were more than likely struck between 260/242 B.C but unfortunately we are unable to say with any clarity if this is true. There are clues when studying the iconography of this series that suggest the years i mentioned above, but for the time being this is best left as a theoretical hunch.

George Hill dated the Hemidrachms from between 260-240 B.C, but we now know that coins of this type were being produced until 196/195 B.C (Era date 64). The Aradian era dates were in fact introduced to this series from 241 B.C and can be seen along with many other coins of Arados under the prow of the galley (see bottom image)

For more information about this coin please follow the link provided below.


KX 3


By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Arados

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