Phoenicia, Sidon 410-400 B.C

AE 9.04mm (Thickness 1.53mm), weight 0.67g, die axis = 6h (180 degrees). 1/16 shekel.

Obverse: Galley left before turreted city wall, lion crouching left in exerque.

Reverse: Persian King (Abd´esmun) wearing crenelated crown (Kidaris/Kandy´s) to right, standing shooting bow to right, bow held in left hand, incuse head of goat to right, incuse head of satyr (bes) to left, all in incuse square.

RO 2.jpg

Ref: HGC10: Pg.66 No.230 / Betlyon Pg.7 No.10 / Elayi 2004 No.362-449 / BMC Phoenicia Pg.142 No.14-16  Pl.XVIII 10 / XVIII 11.

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