1/16 shekel of Sidon with three turreted towers – Lion right.


Following on from my last post.  There seems to be at least three different types of 1/16 shekel with turrets and single lion below. The majority of coins have a crouching lion left in exerque with tail curled in an upward motion. There are also coins depicting a lion running left with tail curled downwards, these are slightly less common.  The final type and one which i would like to share here today, depicts a crouching lion right with tail curled upwards. I am unable to find any more samples of this type on numismatic websites. All of my reference books describe these coins as just lion in exerque and are of little help.

Could the various positions of the lions be symbolic in anyway ?

Please follow provided link for coins attribution.


RM 2.jpg

RM 5.jpg

By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Sidon

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