Fourrèe in Semi-barbarous style


This coin was mistakenly advertised as a fourrée from Ephesos, it´s actually a coin of Arados. The city name of ΑΡΑΔΙΩΝ can be seen on the reverse in right field. Very little is known about these particular fourrée, only two other specimens have ever been found.  The obverse monogram appears to consist of letters A & P and were possibly intended to mean Arados, the letter gamma can be seen to the left and above the letter A (note. this could be a makers mark and not the city monogram).  We can also see the Aradian era date, epsilon & lamda in left field (possibly year 135 or 125-124 BCE). Although the style could be deemed semi-barbarous, i feel that this fourrée was the result of silver depletion towards the end of the workshops quota. Regrettably the coin as taken an heavy battering and much of the silver has fallen away, still it is an important find and one that i felt needed to be documented. 

1.  2988  DA-RA, Paris, BNF, H. Seyrig 1965/737. 4,27 g, 17,1 mm. 
2.  2989  DA-RA, Londres, BM, BMC 171. 3,32 g, 17,2 mm. 
3.            DA-RA, Stockholm, collection Martin Rowe. 2.47 g, 16.60 mm. 


Please follow provided link for the coins attribution.λe-8-drachm-qz/

QZ 6.jpg

QZ 4.jpg

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