Karne – série 2


To the untrained eye one could be forgiven for believing this coin Aradian. Resembling Duyrat 2005 série 1 coins, this type depict a turreted bust of Tyche on the obverse and prow of galley with Athena figurehead fighting left on the reverse.  The determining features that point us to a different city within the Aradian peraia can be seen immediately to the right of Athena, i.e cornucopia followed by Phoenician letters qoph (Q) resh (R) & nun (N) meaning Qurn (Karne).  There are only an handful known to exist, four with this particular era date. 

Listed below are the four known coins with era date 37.

AN 37 (223-222 B.C) Aleph.

1.  D6 R8, Glasgow, Hunterian collection, III, No.14, Pl. LXXV. 4.98g 16mm.

2.  D6 R8, Mûller H.W Solingen, 54, 20-21 fév. 1987, No.66 20mm.

3.  D6 R8, Paris, BNF, collection Seymour de Ricci (vente Ready). 6.6g 18.4mm 12h.

4.  D6 R8, Stockholm, collection Martin Rowe, No.QV. 4.49g 17.9mm 12h.


Please follow provided link for coins attribution;


QV 5.jpg

QV 7.jpg

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