Attractive Patina with Sandy Orange Tones

This well centred strike is my first Aradian year 119, i really like the coins attractive patina with various shades of green and sandy orange tones. Below are the two published coins with the same control letters and era date from Duyrat 2005.

An 119 (141/0 B.C)

1. 2161  D250-R342, Paris, BNF, Vogüé no 284. 3,82 g, 16,0 mm, 12 h. 

2. 2162  D250-R343, Paris, BNF, Vogüé no 282. 3,65 g, 15,0 mm, 12 h. 

3.           D250-R343a, Collection Martin Rowe, Stockholm, No.QS. 3,79 g, 16.82 mm, 12 h.


Please follow provided link for coins attribution;

QS 2.jpg

QS 5.jpg

QS 4.jpg

By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Arados

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