Extremely Rare Aradian Era Date 71


Extremely rare Aradian era date 71 with Phoenician control letters ayin and taw from right to left. Although there is very little patina remaining, both sides of the coin have exquisite sharp details.

New combination of dies for coin 3.

An 71 (189/8)

‘, T 

1.  1719  D43-R66, New York, ANS 1944 100 70557 Newell. 3,05 g, 14,4 mm, 12 h. 

2.  1720  D43-R67, Beyrouth, AUB Museum, no 35. 3,05 g, 15 mm, 12 h. 

3.            D43a-R67a, Collection Martin Rowe, Stockholm, No. QQ. 3,46 g, 15 mm, 12 h.

Please follow provided link for coins attribution;



QQ 4.jpg

By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Arados

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