Fire Damaged Drachm Fourrée

When i first spotted this coin for sale, i assumed it was a fake. But after returning for a second look on the sellers website, i became more positive towards the coins authenticity. My curiosity got the better of me and i purchased the coin for a very modest amount.

With coin in hand, it does appear to be a fourrée.

The iconography, weight & size are all within the norm for an era date 99 (161-160 B.C) drachm. The silver content is still present over the predominant copper base, as one would expect of a fourrée. A likely scenario would be that the minter used too much silver ingot during the initial minting process, thus leaving very low levels upon completion of his expected quota.  

Further details become clearer under the magnifying glass. it appears that the coin as been damaged by fire, there´s blistering or bubbling on the reverse and a wavy line where melting has occurred. I have highlighted these areas of interest in the image below.

I searched all of my available resources for a similar fourrée but came up empty handed.

Please follow provided link for coins attribution;ϙθ-12-drachm-pm/

PM 8.jpg

PM 11.jpg

PM 5.jpg

By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Arados

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