Yet Again My Intuition Pays Dividend


Let not the condition of this coin detract from it´s rarity. This is only the second coin found to my knowledge, struck in year 45 (215-214 B.C) with Phoenician letters mem & ayin on either side of AP in top field. Duyrat describes this series as follows.


Au droit : tête de Tyché à droite. Grènetis.
Au revers : proue à volute à gauche. Date en phénicien à l’exergue,
d et lettres phéniciennes dans le champ en haut. Grènetis. 

An 45 (215/4) ,

1. 1643   D1-R1, Paris, BNF, H.SeyrigY28883,5.7,42g,19,0mm, 12 h. 

2.            D?-R5, Stockholm, collection Martin Rowe, No.PF, 1 h.

Please follow provided link for coins attribution;

PF 5.jpg

PF 7.jpg

By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Arados

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