Coins baring the name of Mazday


Coins baring the name of Mazday and dated years 1-4 were made by the same workshop has those of the Sidonian kings. Mazday was awarded the satrapy of Sidon after helping suppress the failed attempt by ´Abd ´astart I, to lead his people to independence. When normality returned to the region, Persia then placed Tennes on the throne of Sidon. 

Although Mazday was replaced by Tennes, he did however continue is satrapy of Cilicia and Samaria.

Intriguingly, the kings name was abbreviated using Aramaic letters, this replacing the Phoenician letters normally found on coins of this type. According to Betylon, Mazday reigned in Sidon from 362-358 and again between 347-341 B.C, this would date my coin at approximately 343-342 B.C (regnal year 9).

Please follow provided link for coins attribution:

OJ 4.jpg

OJ 5.jpg

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