‘Abd ‘astart I (Straton I)


‘Abd ‘astart meaning the servant of Astart (Astarte) or Ba´ alat, which is the feminine version of Ba´al (lord).

There is conflicting evidence to when ‘Abd ‘astart I ruled Sidon, many would have is reign dated to between 365-352 B.C (14 years), others including J.W Betylon prefer 372-361 B.C. 

‘Abd ‘astart I  father Ba’ lsallim II issued a late double seqel (shekel) dated regnal year 14, this if correct, tells us that Ba’ lsallim II reigned from 386-372 B.C (14 years). 

‘Abd ‘astart I more than likely inherited the satrapy from his father after his defeat in the second campaign of Egypt in 373-372 B.C. It is written that ‘Abd ‘astart I personality was that of a complex, cultured and courageous man, this courageousness became his undoing after the revolt of 362-361 B.C, in which he was soundly defeated by the army´s of Belesys & Mazday, sent by the Persian King Artaxerxes III. (Mazday was awarded the satrapy of Sidon between the years 362-358 B.C).

The coin i am sharing with you today, is an extremely rare year nine minted during ‘Abd ‘astart I reign. The obverse shows a galley with row of shields extending along the bulwark, a figurehead on the bow and a ornament over the stern, below the galley there are four zigzag lines representing waves, all within a cable border.  On the reverse we see the Persian King (‘Abd ‘astart I) slaying a lion with dagger held in right hand, between are the letters beth & ayin or Abd ‘astart I in it´s abbreviated form.

Please follow provided link for the coins attribution;


OG 4.jpg

OG 5.jpg

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