“Imperial coinage of Arados – Nero”


I recently bought at auction an extremely rare Aradian coin minted during the reign of Nero.

The obverse depicts the emperor with laureate head right, whilst on the reverse Tyche is seated left on ships rudder. The date is visible just above the tiller and reads, TKE or era date 325 (66-67 A.D), all were minted one year prior to Nero´s suicide. Phoenician monogram qoth in right field near cornucopia. 

After an extensive search i managed to track down a further three coins of this type, two from Paris BNF and one in the British museum. 

My gratitude and thanks to BMC & BNF for provided images.

AR 325  TKE (66-67 A.D)

1. D1-R1, London BMC (No. 1902,0607.14. Wt.8.58, Dia.22mm, Die Ax.12.

2. D1?-R2, Stockholm collection Martin Rowe (No. OC). Wt.8.16, Dia.24mm, Die Ax.12.

3. D2-R2, Paris BNF (No. ark:/12148/btv1b8535684f). Wt.8.37.

4. D3-R3, Paris BNF (No. ark:/12148/btv1b85356831). Wt.7.73.

Please follow provided link for coin 2´s identification.


OC 5

OC 4

OC 7

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