The Fourth Aradian Series Obol (Persian period)


For the fourth series of Aradian coins, the marine deity was replaced with an Hellenistic type bust on the obverse, this deity was of an oriental persuasion. The pointed beard can be compared with that of Syrian reliefs from the ancient city of Persepolis, the eye and laureated head are reminiscent of attic coins of the mid-fifth century B.C. This new type appeared on all the coins of this series, including the stater, tetrobol & obol. 

There were to be subtle changes to the reverse of this series, the galley (1), row of shields and Phoenician eye were to remain and symbolized naval strength. Below the galley, two or three wavy lines could be seen representing the sea, this replaced the numerous marine animals seen on previous series (2). Phoenician letters aleph and mem can be seen just above the bulwark. 

After the unsuccessful revolt started by Tachos to rid Egypt and the Phoenicians of Persian rule in 362 B.C, Tennes (Of Sidon) instigated a general revolt. It was during Tennes short-lived revolt that Arados showed it´s true colours by adopting their own dating system on their coinage. These liberties nearly backfired when Arados attempted to abandon the Persic standard in favour of the Attic standard and began their own production of Attic staters (3).

The short lived bravery on the part of the Aradians came to an end when Artaxerxes III, although temporally, quashed the rebellious satrapies in 355 B.C.

The coin i now share with you (4) is extremely rare and was most likely discontinued during the upheavals of the revolts, i know of seven other coins that have survived. These i have pasted together in one image and can be seen below, note the subtle die differences. 

1: Galley without oars.
2: A series of small denominations were minted to supplement the larger coins, these depicted a marine deity and fish.
3: It is said that only one stater survives to date, the rest were destroyed by the Persians. 
4: My coin is bottom right on the combined image.

Please follow provided link for the coins attribution.

Combined Image 2.jpg

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