Rare & Fascinating Price 3428


I recently bought this very unusual but fascinating coin attributed to Byblos (Gebal), It came in a lot containing 15 mixed Phoenician of which the majority were minted in Arados. When looking for a reference in Price, i quickly located on Pg.431 five coins numbered 3427a, b, c, d, e and one coin numbered 3428.

Armed with the coins reference i searched the internet in the hope of finding similar flan strikes in other collections. I found sixteen of type 3427 (a) & five of type 3428 in the ANS collection and seven of type 3427 in the BMC. Many of the museum coins do share strike similarities, i have chosen two from the ANS collection, both have excessive material on the flan edge beyond the border of dots (b).

On image no.3 the dotted border appears to be almost intact, suggesting a much tighter encircling of the coins design.

With a weight of only 2.20g (size 14.83mm) my coin is much lighter than Price 3427 (e) but is slightly heavier than those of type 3428 (f).

The two ANS coins i mentioned earlier with similar strikes have the following weights; image no.2 – 1.7g with a diameter of 13.0mm (d) and image no.3 – 5.61g with a diameter 20.5mm (c).

Studying the obverse edge of my coin in an anti-clockwise rotation from 12:00 (0 degrees) – 09:00 (270 degrees), it appears that a significant part of the flan is missing. If correct, the weight of my coin would have originally been between (e & f).

If we were to assume an attribution of Price 3427 then the missing material would have to weigh approximately 2.8g and would account for more than the coins current total weight. Baring this in mind and considering all the facts given above, i think a more sensible attribution of Price 3428 would be the more appropriate reference for this coin.

(a) Images of 3427b, d, e are available in book 2 of Price.

(b) Remnants of a pre-strike flan casting sprue.

(c) Price 3427a, b, c, d, e = Denomination B-C

(d) Price 3428 = Denomination D

(e) Price 3427, weights range between 5.5g & 8.3g.

(f)  Price 3428, weights range between 1.3g & 2.05g.

Reattributed to Arados.

Price 3427 & 3428 b.jpg

Many thanks to ANS for the use of their images.
For more details please follow provided link.
By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Arados

2 comments on “Rare & Fascinating Price 3428

  1. Did the weight also reflect the value of the coin or was it based only on the material?

    What determined the value of the coin, the material only?

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