Crud Covered Era Date 118


This crud covered era date 118 has possibly seen better days, but fortunately the Phoenician monogram and date have been preserved really well and can be still read clearly.

Below are the four coins known with monogram nun and ayin and dated 118 or 142-141 B.C.

For the coins full attribution please follow provided link.


1.  2148  D241-R329, Paris, BNF, Babelon no 1008. 3,67 g, 15,6 mm, 12 h.
2.            D241-R331, collection Martin Rowe. No.NH. 4,22 g, 15,69 mm, 12 h.
3.  2149  D242-R330, Londres, BM, BMC 140. 3,45 g, 16,2 mm, 12 h.
4.  2150  D242-R331, Paris, BNF, J. Kok, 19 jan. 1924, no 94. 3,34 g, 15,0 mm, 12 h.

NH 4.jpgNH 5.jpg

By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Arados

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