SÉRIE 7 update, era date 92

The latest update for Duyrat 2005, SÉRIE 7.

Coin 1 (NF)

I have now added a second coin to my collection from Aradian era date 92 or 168-167 B.C, this brings the total to six know coins. The turreted bust of Tyche on the obverse still retains plenty of detail, e.g chignon, braided ponytail falling on the nape of her neck, neckless and pleated chiton (garment).

For more information regarding coins 2-5, please follow provided link.



An 92 (168/167), dans le champ droit : B ; sous le bras du dieu : Q ; au-dessus du bras du dieu :


1.                 D19-R41, Stockholm, Collection Martin Rowe. (NF), 7.43 g, 19.26 mm. ((See images below)

2. (2290)    D20-R41, Berlin, SM, Imhoof-Blumer (1900). 7,24 g, 19,9 mm.  

3. (2291)      D20-R41, Berlin, SM, Friedlaender (1861). 5,63 g, 20,8 mm.

4. (2292)      D20-R42, New York, ANS 1947 97 567. 5,92g, 22,1 mm.

5. (2293)    D21-R43, New York, ANS 1944 100 70579 Newell. 7,45 g, 21,0 mm.

6.                D?-R41, Stockholm, Collection Martin Rowe. (MB), 7.80 g, 19.02 mm.

NF 2  NF4  NF 9NF 6

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