Tyche Seated Left on Ships Rudder


This diverse and fascinating series were minted during the latter days of Aradian autonomy and continued until co-emperors Lucius Versus / Marcus Aurelius´s reign ended in 169 A.D. The obverse of this coin was changed on numerous occasions and included the following deity´s or Emperors; Astarte, Tyche, Nero, Domitian, Trajan and has mentioned previously Lucius Versus and Marcus Aurelius.

So has not to confuse the reader i have decided to concentrate purely on coins depicting Astarte and will return to the other types at a later date. I suspect that for the majority of you this will be the first time you have seen a coin of this type, they are extremely rare and only occasionally presented for sale.

On the obverse we can see Astarte´s veiled bust with chignon and flowing hair to the base of her neck.

The reverse shows the goddess Tyche naked to the waist and seated left on a ships rudder. She has her right hand placed on the tiller and holds in her left a cornucopia with bunch of grapes. Phoenician letter gimel (Λ) can be seen below the rudder in left field with AΡAΔIΩN (Arados) bottom (apart from coin 3 in collage).

Coins 1, 2 & 4 were minted in year 297 or 38/9 A.D.

Coin 3 is currently the oldest of this type found to date and was minted in year 284 or 25/6 A.D.

Coin 5 was minted in year 307 or 48/9 A.D.

And finally coin 6 with uncertain date of flan.

Note that coins 2 & 6 both bare a Tyche countermark (see image below).

I have placed the coins in order of era date;

AR 284  ∆ΠΣ (25-26 A.D)

1. D1-R1, Paris BNF (btv1b8535752t).  (Collage no.3)

AR 297  ΣϘZ (38-39 A.D)

2. D2-R2, Paris BNF (btv1b8535673n).  (Collage no.2)

3. D2-R3, Paris BNF (btv1b85356742).  (Collage no.4)

4. D3-R2, Martin Rowe collection, Stockholm, AR-No.ATRCG 297/ΣϘZ12 (NC).  (Collage no.1)

AR 307  TZ (48-49 A.D)

5. D4-R4, Paris BNF (btv1b85356816).  (Collage no.5)

AR ? Uncertain (? A.D)

6. D5-R5, London BMC (AN01477587_001), BMC Pl.V.12.  (Collage no.6)



Tyche countermark

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