“Still Pinching Myself”


I am really pleased to have finally got my hands on a coin from the Phoenician coastal city of Gabala, they are extremely rare and do not come up for sale that often. Duyrat included five samples in her publication “Les Monnayages Syrians” in 2002. I managed to track down the BNF coins numbering three but have had little luck locating the coins belonging to a private collector in Berlin and one in the BMC London.

My extensive search of the various websites and museums yielded one other coin but i cannot say for sure whether that coin belonged to the private Berlin collector i mentioned earlier.

One could easily mistake the coin for that of Arados but for the monogram of Gabala located just above the prow, ΓB.

The era date almost runs of flan but i can confidently date my coin to that of Aradian year 36.

Please follow provided link for the coins attribution.


MM 2.jpg

MM 4.jpg

MM 6.jpg

By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Gabala

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