Cautiously Attributed SÉRIE 7

Duyrat 2005 / SÉRIE 7

There are four coins numbered 2290-2293 belonging to SÉRIE 7, all are extremely difficult to confirm in respect to era dates and were cautiously attributed by Frédérique Duyrat as year 90 (170-169 B.C) and 92 (168-167 B.C).

I cannot offer my opinion regarding coins 2291 & 2292, purely because the images were not included in Duyrat 2005, i do however suspect that were minted year 92. As for 2293, this coin shows partial damage and deterioration to the reverse flan which obscures the makers marks. The era date does appear to be year 92.

Finally we are left with 2290, a very close die match with my recent acquisition as you will see from provided images. Although the date runs slightly of flan, i am convinced that both 2290 and my coin were also minted during Aradian year 92 (168-167 B.C).

If i am correct in my assumption that 2291,2292 & 2293 are indeed from the same Aradian year, then a revision of Duyrat´s catalogue numbers would appear as below.

The inclusion of my coin would now bring the total known specimens to five and see era date 90 (170-169 B.C) removed as an option.

Hopefully i have alleviated to some degree the uncertainty surrounding this particular era date.

An 92 (168/167), dans le champ droit : B ; sous le bras du dieu : Q ; au-dessus du bras du dieu : B

2290    *D20-R41, Berlin, SM, Imhoof-Blumer (1900). 7,24 g, 19,9 8mm. (See image below)

2291      D20-R41, Berlin, SM, Friedlaender (1861). 5,63 g, 20,8 mm. (No image)

2292      D20-R42, New York, ANS 1947 97 567. 5,92g, 22,1 mm. (No image)

2293    *D21-R43, New York, ANS 1944 100 70579 Newell. 7,45 g, 21,0 mm. (Damaged flan – see image below)

2293b  *D?-R41, Stockholm, Collection Martin Rowe. 7.80 g, 19.02mm. (See image below)

page423image19488.jpg   page423image26120.jpg 2290

page423image19152.jpg   page423image26288.jpg 2293

MB 4.jpg2293b

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