No Stylistic Resemblances

In their 2002 publication “Seleucid Coins A Comprehensive Catalogue Part I”, Houghton and Lorber revisited the coins numbered by Price, P155-P156 and reseeded/reattributed them to Babylon II (previously Arados). They found no stylistic resemblances between the known Aradian and Babylon II coins and thus the decision to reseed is widely excepted as being correct.

This type as now been dated to around 318-315 B.C, which coincidentally confirms that Arados could not have struck this series due to the Aradian mint closing in 320 B.C. We can now with confidence place this series towards the end of Phillip III´s reign (323-317 B.C) and under the Satrapy of Seleukos I Nikator in Babylonia.

Please follow provided link for the coins attribution.

LV. 2

LV 5            LV 7

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