Ba´al Sur – Lord of Tyre


In BMC P on page 257, numbered 268 we find this interesting a rare coin of Melgart also spelt Melkart or Melkarth meaning King of the city. He was the Phoenician god of trade and the protector of sailers and chief deity of Tyre (Ba´al Sur – Lord of Tyre). Melqart was celebrated annually at his resurrection ritual performed during the months of February & March known as Egersis.

I could not find any more samples of Tyrian era date 90 apart from the coin BNF have in their collection (image right). Comparing my obverse with that of the BNF coin, i would tentatively say that they are a die match.

Please let me know your views regarding the reverse, the BNF coin appears to have additional letters. Were these added at a later stage ?

Thanks BNF for allowing me the use of your image.

See provided link for final attribution.

LP 6

LP 7

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