The Lion’s Jaws


I bought this coin (image below) recently from a vendor who advertised the coin as 200 B.C and possibly of Persian rule.  For those of you who know your dates and rulers, the seller had placed the coin under two entirely different dynasty´s.

Not recognising this type but convinced that it belonged to my collecting area, i bought the coin and put it to one side. It was only recently when i was doing some identification work on an entirely different series, that i spotted a similar coin on BNF matching the one i am now describing to you. That particular coin had been attributed to Tyre.

Just a quick browse through “The Coinage of the Phoenician City Of Tyre in the Persian Period” by J.Elayi & A.G Elayi, i found the series named by Elayi as III.2.4 With dolphin/shell to left and head of lion. 

Only a handful of these coins have ever been found, most were found during excavations in AKKO (AKKO hoard TXXXIV) and are in poor condition.

For the record, two Persian hoards were found in AKKO containing Tyrian coins and one hoard in the nearby town of Tell Abu Hawam. A more substantial explanation of these hoards can be found in Trésors de monnaies phéniciennes et circulation monétaire (Ve-IVe siècles avant J.-C.)”.

After studying the various dies in Elayi/Elayi i was able to place my coin, the BNF coin and a further two coins from the ANS collection to die O5* / R5* on page 196. There are possibly several dies of this type, the majority of these depict the Lion’s prey hanging diagonally from jaws and murex shell extending the entire body length of the Dolphin.

As you can see on both coins the Lion’s prey hangs vertically from the jaws.

My gratitude to BNF for allowing me to use their image.

LJ 2  BNF1 b

By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Tyre

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