SI-No.GA(I)CL/B`1 (LH)


Phoenicia, Sidon 372-361 B.C

AR 10.14mm (Thickness 1.53mm), weight 0.71g, die axis = 12h (0 degrees), 1/16 Shekel.

Obverse: Galley left with oars and row of shields; below waves, date above (regnal year 1), cable border.

Reverse: `Abd`astart I (Persian King) wearing crenellated crown right, (seizing Lions forelock with left hand, and holding dagger in right) slaying lion standing before him on hind legs, Phoenician letters beth & ayin (`) between, Square incuse.

LH 2

Ref: HGC10 Pg.70, No.245; Betlyon Pg.11, No.23, Pl.2.

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