Série 8 coin with rare date.


After closer inspection under the magnifying glass and the carful removal of dirt, i was able to reveal an era date of 118 (142-141 B.C).  I searched through the coins of series 8 in Duyrat 2005 and found that the closest die match was a coin dated 114 (146-145 B.C) numbered 2524, although the date runs slightly of flan i am now confident that both the published coin and my coin share the same dies, bringing the total number of year 118´s to three.

Below is the revised list of era date 118.

An 118 (142/1), , N

1   (2530)   *D18-R32, Berlin, Morel 5/1908. 1,71 g, 13,0 mm.

2   (2530b) *D15-R26, Stockholm, Martin Rowe collection, LG,. 1,54 g, 13,75 mm.

3   (2524)   *D15-R26, New York, ANS 1944 100 70615 Newell, 1,65 g, 12,3 mm.


No.2524b  No.2524b r (No.2524)

LG 2 b   LG inverted date 2

By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Arados

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