SI-No.TGVA/12 (LC)


Phoenicia, Sidon 1st Century A.D

AE 24.28mm (Thickness 2.89mm), weight 9.05g, die axis = 12h (0 degrees).

Obverse: Turreted bust of Tyche right, hair in chignon with curls on neck, monogram behind head, border of dots.

Reverse: Phoenician war galley (Penteconter) left, volute at bow and aphlaston at stern, Sidonian era date  & ΣIΔΩNOΣ ΘEAΣ[AI] above, IEPAΣKAI AΣYΛOYK below, border of dots.

LC 2

Ref: BNF4 in Sidonian Catalogue TGVA; BMC Phoenicia Pg.174 No.193 is the 6 lines version and includes the following text in exerque NAYAPXI [ΔOΣ].

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