Rare coins of Karne


The latest addition to my collection is an extremely rare coin minted in Karne, i am only aware of one more specimen struck on the same era date, this coin can be found in the BNF (Bibliothèque Nationale de France). The BNF coin was dated by Frédérique Duyrat in her publication “Les Monnayages Syrians” in 2002 as era date 70+ and can be found on page 38, numbered *50. I have tried to show with the image provided that when inverting the reverse side of this coin, one can make out era date 71 (see top image; left & middle).

One feature that was very weakly engraved or omitted entirely from the BNF coin is the letter nun, this i would have expected to see in the top left field above the letters qoth and resh (meaning Qurn in Phoenician or Karne). I have marked the area with a red arrow so that the reader can establish where the letter nun should have been located. I have also attached the reverse image of my coin that will help you locate the letter nun more easily (see top image; far right).

Both coins share the same monogram/Phoenician letters but they were not struck from the same die.

My coin as a slight crack on the obverse but still a joy to behold and although worn i do hope it gives equal pleasure to those who share my passion for Phoenician coins (see bottom image).



LA 2

Here is another look at the BNF coin i posted earlier in this thread and a later issue dated 76 / 184-183 B.C (image below). We can clearly see that the engraver as reversed the letters nun, resh & qoth to read from the bottom up, this seems to be the case for all coins dated after year 71. To be honest i am a little perplexed to why the letter nun on the earlier coins is so weakly engraved, both mine and the BNF coin are not die matches but share the same problem (see image above to compare dies).

Thanks again BNF for allowing me to use your images.

BNF 70+ & 76 b

By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Karne

2 comments on “Rare coins of Karne

  1. I have a similar example from the same dies. if you would like a better photo I can provide please let me know. thanks

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