Karne, the mainland harbour of Arados


During most of the Hellenistic and Roman periods the city of Karne or Qurn as it is known in Phoenician (called Tell Quarnum today) was virtually unknown, leaving us only a few glimpses of her historical importance noted below.

Belonging to a confederation of coastal cities called the Aradian peraia including Marathos, Simyra, Balanaia and Gabala, the city had prospered having served as a silver mint for “Alexander The Great” from 328-320 B.C. Re-opening on numerous occasions for the minting of both silver and bronze denominations, with the last know coins produced in 137-136 B.C (Aradian era date 123).

Today there´s virtually no evidence that Karne or the old naval station ever existed and although i searched for hours for any photographic documentation, my efforts were fruitless. I did however find a reference giving longitude and latitude so was able to pinpoint the harbours location on a map of Syria.

The image on the left shows Arados in the south and Karne further north on the Syrian coast.

The image on the right shows a fertile area of vegetation and what remains of this once busy harbour.

Karne main Syria         Karne Syria

By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Karne

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