GD-No. 25/TPC1 (HA)


Decapolis (Judaea), Gadara 40-39 B.C (Southern Koile Syria)

AE 18.45mm (Thickness 1.84mm), weight 3.57g, die axis = 12h (0 degrees).

Obverse: Draped, Veiled and Turreted head of Tyche, palm branch behind.

Reverse: ΓAΔA/ΡEΩN, cornucopia, LEK (year 25 of Rome).

In the same year this coin was minted, the Parthians took Jerusalem, removed Hyrcanus II and made Mattathias Antigonus king of Judea. Herod the Great fled to Rome, where Mark Antony named him King of Judaea. Later Augustus gave Gadara to King Herod.


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