The Ancient City of Ascalon


According to Lydian legend the founder of Ascalon was Askalos, the son of Hymenaios. Ascalon or Ashkelon has it´s better known today is one of the oldest cities in the world and situated close to Gaza on the northern Israeli coast.

During the twentieth & nineteenth centuries B.C the Pharaohs wrote the name of all their enemies on shards including that of Ascalon, which they then broke so has to curse forever those who had wronged the mighty Egyptians.

Alexander the Great conquered Ascalon in the year 332 B.C. Upon his victory he decreed that all coins of Ascalon were to be minted in AKE or in other neighbouring cities. After the death of Alexander the Ptolemies gained control and returned minting back to the city. The Ptolemies ruled until 198 B.C but lost control to the Seleucids who triumphed in the battle of Panion.

A very significant date for Ascalonians was the year 104 B.C, this date marked the start of their autonomous era.


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