Dioscuri On Horseback


Dioscuri, called in Latin Kastor and Pollux were in Greek and Roman mythology the fabled children of Spartan queen Leda and Zeus and of Leda’s mortal husband Tyndareus. Kastor was the son of Tyndareus and thus mortal, while Pollux was the son of Zeus and a demigod.

Because of their generosity towards man they were apotheosed into gods at death. At first only Pollux was given this honour being the son of Zeus, but he only agreed to this on condition that his half-twin Kastor share his honour. Zeus assented, but the pair had to spend alternate days in Haides to appease the Fates and the Gods of the Dead.

The Dioscuri were to be found on the rigging of a ships as twin star-crowned gods in the appearance of St Elmo’s fire and additional they were believed to be gods of horsemanship and protectors of guests and travellers.

The coin below minted in Tripolis shows Tyche with her Turreted and veiled bust and Dioscuri on horseback, charging right with couched spears, below the horses hooves one can just make out the city name TΡIΠΩΛITWN & Triphylian era date 1-64 (104-41 B.C).

Dioscuri  KG 2

By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Tripolis

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