Confirmation of Rare Mint Marks


In Frédérique Duyrat´s publication Arados Hellénistique there is uncertainty surrounding three coins of SÉRIE 5 numbered 2173, 2174 & 2175 dated Aradian year 120 (140/139 B.C). Not having the opportunity to study these coins more closely it is difficult to say with all honesty whether the images provided in Duyrat 2005 match the mint marks on my coin.

Seen below for the first time are the unmistakable mint marks of aleph & qoph (read from right to left).

Final attribution;

Phoenicia, Arados 140-139 B.C AE 15.51mm (Thickness 2.53mm), weight 3.35g, die axis = 1h (30 degrees), denomination C.

Obverse: Braided, bearded head of Zeus right, border of dots.

Reverse: Triple pointed ram of galley left, Phoenician letter qoph (Q) and aleph (´) above, Aradian era date 120 below.


Qoph Aleph

By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Arados

2 comments on “Confirmation of Rare Mint Marks

  1. Thanks Nick,

    The majority of this series have mint marks aleph & nun, so my decision to confirm this coin aleph & qoph wasn’t an easy one. I might be proven wrong in the not too distant future.

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