TR-No.TGVA 28-210/BTSL12-B (CJ)

Phoenicia, Tyre 98 B.C-84 A.D

AE 17.19mm (Thickness 3.77mm), weight 6.13g, die axis = 1h (30 degrees).

Obverse: Turreted & veiled head of Tyche right with earring, palm branch behind.

Reverse: Galley left with prow terminating in volute and aphlaston at stern, uncertain date above with Tyre monogram far right, A V & IEPAΣ below, Phoenician letters beth (B), sadhe (TS) & lamedh (L) below, Tyrian second era date 28-210.


Ref: HGC 10 Pg.98, No.361; BMC Phoenicia Pg.255-256 No.252-267; Rouvier 1903 No.2165-2174.

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