MR-No.AMAC 106/`N´1-B (JK)


Phoenicia, Marathos 154-153 B.C

AE 22.33mm (Thickness 4.10mm), weight 10.68g, die axis = 1h (30 degrees), denomination B.

Obverse: Veiled bust of Astarte right with border of dots.

Reverse: Marathos standing left holding aphlaston and leaning on column, in right field mem (M) resh (R) & taw (T) meaning Amrit (Marathos), mintmarks ayin (`) bottom right with aleph (´) & nun (N) left between date and Marathos, Marathenian (=Aradian) era date 106 on the left read upwards.


Ref: Not in Duyrat 2002, could be Pg.28 No.159.

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