Ichthyomorphic Deity

The ichthyomorphic deity depicted on the obverse (see image) represents a local god worshipped at Arados, possibly Dagon who was associated with the sea. Although we only see the upper torso, he can also be found on other coins of Arados showing both human torso and a fish-like lower body. Unfortunately there are no indications of who the Satrap or King of Arados (Ba´al) was at that particular point in time.

Phoenicia, Arados 400-380 B.C

AR 8.24mm (Thickness 1.56mm), weight 0.73g, die axis = 11h (350 degrees), Obol.

Obverse: Laureate head of Ichthyomorphic deity right with bearded hair and plaits, holding dolphins in both hands with Phoenician letters aleph (´) & mem (M) in field. (Mem and Aleph means “Belonging to Arados”)

Reverse: Prow of galley right, eye and four shields above, dolphin below all within incuse square.


By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Arados

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