Ba´al Arwad with full eye right

A little history leading up to and beyond the minting of my coin.

The peoples of Phoenicia, were descended from the Canaanites who inhabited the region of the Levant, later occupying the coastal areas of modern day Lebanon. Arwad was thought to be the first ever republic.

Timeline of Aradian History

c. 1050 B.C   Eygpt loses it´s imperial possessions in Canaan.

876 B.C         Ashurnasirpal II of Assyria makes Arwad a tributary during his conquest of Syria.

853 B.C         Matan-Ba´al and his alliance with neighbouring states, defeat Shalmaneser III of Assyria.

701 B.C        Assyria conquers all of Phoenicia, Abd-illhit has to pay tribute to his new masters.

664 B.C         Yakinlu submits one of his daughters and a dowry to the harem of Ashurbanipal of Assyria.

612-573 B.C  The Phoenician cities regain independence after the destruction of the Assyrian empire.

573-539 B.C  Babylonia conquers all of Phoenicia.

539 B.C          Phoenicia and its cities are submerged within the Persian Empire.

332 B.C          Strato joins forces with Alexander The Great in his conquest of Syria & Phoenicia.
Arwad (Arados) was renamed Antiochia in Pieria.

Thus starts the reign of the Seleucid Empire in Phoenicia.

Ba´al means in semitic, master or lord and was later to mean god of distinct character. As such, all rulers who bared the title Ba´al were later to be designated the universal god of fertillity and were also awarded the title of Prince and Lord of the Earth (2). Ba´al was also known has the Lord of Rain and Dew.

In Phoenician he was to be known has Ba´al Shamen, Lord of the Heavens.

A Baalist or Baalite was the name given to the people who worshiped Ba´al.

(2)  The Arabs and Rabbinical hebrews used the phrase Ba´al to mean watered by a spring or an oasis.

Below, is one of my silver staters.

Phoenicia, Arados 348-338 B.C

AR 17.55mm (Thickness 5.40mm), weight 10.60g, die axis = 6h (180 degrees), Stater.

Obverse: Laureate head of Ba´al Arwad with full eye right.

Reverse: Galley sailing right above waves (three lines) with figure of Pataikos right, all within dotted square border. Phoenician letters nun (N), aleph (A) & mem (M) above.


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