AR-No.TPFA 150/RYSH´T12-D (EL)

Phoenicia, Arados 110-109 B.C

AE 14.25mm (Thickness 1.24mm), weight 0.99g, die axis = 12h (0 degrees), denomination D.

Obverse: Turreted head of Tyche right, chignon & braided ponytail, palm frond behind.

Reverse: Aphlaston (Aplustre), Phoenician letters resh (R), yodh (Y), shin (SH) & aleph (´) right, Aradian era date 150 left and the letter tet (T) far left.

Suspect letter probably confirmed has Yoth not Aleph. Both letters on this coin.


Ref: Duyrat 2005 No. 2544-2554, HGC10 Pg.25 No.93,  BMC Phoenicia Pg.22-23 Pl. IV 8.

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