Struck during the reigns of Selukos I Niktor 306-281 B.C or Antiochus I Sotor 281-261 B.C ?

“Arados increased her autonomy in 259 B.C while the Seleucid Empire retained overlordship”

Coins of Arados depicting Tyche/Prow (Série 1, Duyrat 2005) and the type we know has Herakles/Prow struck under Seleucid rule share many remarkable similaraties, for example both reverses have near identical prows with traditional Phoenician eye on the bow, both have Athena Promachos figurehead fighting left in identical positions and both coins are undated. Another point worth mentioning is that there has been relatively few Herakles coins found to date, this could suggest that the Seleucids influence over the Aradians was diminishing, resulting in very low production of coinage. It is also plausible that there could have been a overlapping of both coins during the early years of self-governance. In summarising i would say weight, size and overall general appearance suggests in my opinion a production date closer to 261 B.C.

For informational purposes it needs to be stipulated that Arados did in fact add dates to Série 1 from year 18 or 242/1 B.C.

The image top shows both reverses, starting left with Herakles/Prow and on the right Tyche/Prow.

The image below is my own coin that prompted this post.
Phoenicia, Arados 306-261 B.C

AE 14.77mm (Thickness 1.99mm), weight 2.91g, die axis = 7h (210 degrees), Tetrobol.

Obverse: Head of Herakles wearing lion skin right.

Reverse: Prow of galley left with (Ἀθηνᾶ Πρόμαχος) Athena figurehead fighting left with shield and spear, anchor right. Seleucid era date 7-51.


IC 2

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