Somewhat Over Enthusiastic Collecting

Due to my somewhat over enthusiastic collecting of Aradian coins, the chances of me finding previously unpublished SÉRIE 5 greatly increases. Don’t get me wrong, most of you already know that this type are very common. However, they can be found with a wide ranging set of dates and mint marks, i suppose this is one of the reasons why they intrigue me so much. I would imagine that if viewed by novices or by collectors who’s interests lie elsewhere, that most would have difficulties distinguishing between this type.

On this particular coin we see era date 109 with mint mark lamedh and nun, this combination has never been published before so i´m really pleased to be able to add it to my collection.
Final attribution;

Phoenicia, Arados 151-150 B.C

AE 17.63mm (Thickness 1.84mm), weight 2.21g, die axis = 1h (30 degrees), denomination C.

Obverse: Braided, bearded head of Zeus right, border of dots.

Reverse: Triple pointed ram of galley left, Phoenician letters lamedh (L) and nun (N) above, Aradian era date 109 below.

KD 2

By Coins Of The Southern Levant Posted in Arados

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