Series AR-TPA (Duyrat SÉRIE 1)

I bought this coin recently from a reputable dealer who had listed it as a Phoenician Arados from the 3rd to 2nd century B.C – without Poseidon type. The only size given was 16mm (no weight), after studying the various photos i quickly came to the conclusion that the coin did indeed look post Alexandrine and could possibly be extremely scarce or perhaps one of a kind. Although i don’t really like using the term one of a kind, this does appear to be the case in respect to the coins era date, Aradian year 35. This series of coins can be found in the most comprehensive study of Arados coins to date, we know this work has Duyrat 2005. On page 44 it states the following for this type;

a. Attribution
La présence du monogramme d sur les premières émissions puis l’habitude de noter la date en phénicien rattachent sans difficulté ces bronzes aux séries aradiennes.

b. Catalouge 69
98 exemplaires
Au droit : tête de Tyché à droite. Grènetis.
Au revers : proue armée d’un éperon à gauche. Athéna combattante en figure de proue. Grènetis.

Roughly translated;
2. Bronze, Head of Tyche / Prow, Athena Figure Head (Series 1)
a. attribution
The presence of the cities Monogram and the unique style of Phoenician era dates gives us a clear indication that these coins can be easily related to the bronze Aradian series.

b. Catalogue 69
98 examples.
Right: Head of Tyche right, border of dots.
On the reverse, prow armed with a spur to the left, Athena fighting figurehead, border of dots.

The weight, size and style of this coin all point to series 1 and cannot be attributed to any other series just for those reasons ! Has i mentioned earlier the era date is year 35. See below for closest dates in Duyrat 2005 which can be found on page 45;

An 29 (Aradian era date 29) (231/0 B.C), palmier, d et ’ dans le champ en haut (Palm, and daleph ‘in field above)
1438 D32-R51, New York, ANS 1948 19 2144. 6,68 g, 21,0 mm, 12 h.
1439 *D33-R52, Beyrouth, AUB Museum, no 28.5,11g,21mm, 12 h.
1440 D33-R53, Berlin, SM, Rauch. 6,64 g, 19,4 mm, 12 h.
1441 D34-R54, Berlin, SM, Imhoof-Blumer (1900). 6,96 g, 20,0 mm, 9 h.
1442 *D34-R55, Milan, collection Di Brera no 3593. 7,07 g, 3 h.
1443 D34-R56, Munich. 5,80 g, 12 h.

An 30 ? (Aradian era date 30) (230/229 B.C), d et M ? dans le champ en haut (daleph and mem? in field above)
1444 D34-R57, Dombrowsky, Munster, 67, fév. 1976, no 239.
1445 *D34-R57, NewYork, ANS199254514 Lindgren.5,83g, 19,0 mm, 5 h.

Note: year 30 coins do appear to have a Palm tree between AP and Phoenician letter, although this is not mentioned by the author.

Has you can clearly see, there seems to have be a gap of eight years without coin production…until now !

An 38 (Aradian era date 38) (222/1 B.C), ’ ?, D dans le champ en haut
1446 *D35?-R58, Londres, BM, BMC 95. 5,43 g, 19,2 mm, 6 h. ’, N ? dans le champ en haut
1447 *D36-R59, New York, ANS 1971 193 54. 5,27 g, 11,1 mm.
1448 *D37-R60, Berlin, SM, C. R. Fox (1873). 5,08 g, 18,4 mm, 12 h.
1449 D37-R60, New York, ANS 1948 19 2148. 4,52 g, 16,7 mm, 6 h.

An 38 ? (Aradian era date 38)

1450 *D38-R61, NewYork, ANS199254644 Lindgren.5,62g, 17,6 mm, 12 h. Style du droit proche de celui de D36.
1451 *D39-R?, NewYork, ANS199254645 Lindgren. An35+. 4,40 g, 16,6 mm, 12 h.

I am pleased to submit the following attribution for this previously unpublished Aradian coin of year 35, SÉRIE 1.

Final attribution

Phoenicia, Arados 225-224 B.C

AE 17.65mm (Thickness 3.83mm), weight 6.71g, die axis = 12h (0 degrees), denomination B.

Obverse: Turreted head of Tyche right, beading.

Reverse: Prow of galley left with (Ἀθηνᾶ Πρόμαχος) Athena Promachos figurehead fighting left, above AP Mongram, palm tree and Phoenician letter aleph (´), Aradian era date 35.

Duyrat 2005 (Not published) Pg.45 between years 30-38 / No.1444-1446.


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