Series AR-TPA (Duyrat SÉRIE 1)

I have had my fair share of lady luck during the past week, here is another rarity from Series AR-TPA (Duyrat SÉRIE 1) that i picked up from the post office yesterday. I purchased this coin knowing which series it belonged to, but was unsure of the era date until i had a clearer look under the magnifying glass. With a beautiful orange patina and with minimal die wear, especially on the reverse side (slightly of flan) this coin has preserved well. Duyrat lists just two samples of this type with era date 30, showing only the photo/scan of the New York coin (Plate No.1445). 1445 appears to be a die match but has slight damage top right, resulting in palm tree and Phoencian letter being illegible.

Duyrat 2005
An 30 ? (Aradian era date 30) (230/229 B.C), d et M ? dans le champ en haut (daleph and mem? in field above)

1444 D34-R57, Dombrowsky, Munster, 67, fév. 1976, no 239.
1445 *D34-R57, NewYork, ANS199254514 Lindgren.5,83g, 19,0 mm, 5 h.

Final attribution

Phoenicia, Arados 230-229 B.C

AE 19.53mm (Thickness 2.75mm), weight 5.20g, die axis = 11h (330 degrees), denomination B.

Obverse: Turreted head of Tyche right, beading.

Reverse: Prow of galley left with  (Ἀθηνᾶ Πρόμαχος) Athena Promachos figurehead fighting left, above AP Mongram, palm tree and Phoenician letter ? ( ), Aradian era date 30.

Duyrat 2005 Pg.45, No.1444-1445. Duyrat states that palm tree is possibly Mem ?


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