Ex. H.C.Lindgren from the Butte College Foundation

I bought this coin in August last year, on it´s receipt i placed the coin immediately into quarantine just has a precautionary measure. I was worried about the possibility of BD even though to be honest the coin did look stable. After five months of periodically checking for further outbreaks of possible BD i am now contemplating adding this coin to my collection, more specifically into my coin cabinet. Please share your thoughts if you feel that i am slightly premature in placing it with my collection and that i should wait awhile longer ?

Final attribution

Phoenicia, Arados 190-189 B.C

AE 15.56mm (Thickness 3.34mm), weight 4.23g, die axis = 11h (330 degrees), denomination C.

Obverse: Turreted head of Tyche right, border of dots.

Reverse: Prow of galley left, stem rising forward in a curve, Phoenician letters taw (T) and ayin (‘) on either side of AP, Aradian era date 70 below.

This is the fourth coin i know of with era date 70 and monogram Taw, AP (Arados) & Ayin.

Duyrat 2005

1716 *D41-R63, Berlin, SM, Imhoof-Blumer (1900). 3,23 g, 15,0 mm, 12 h.

1717 D41-R64, Paris, BNF, Luynes no 3165. 2,49 g, 16,1 mm, 12 h.

1718 *D42-R65, collection A. Ronde. 14,8 mm, 12 h.

1718b D42b-R65b, collection Rowe. 4.23g, 15.56 mm, 11 h.

JP 2

JP 3

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