Duyrat SÉRIE 1 update

I have submitted two coins previously of type Duyrat SÉRIE 1, these can be seen in posts 1 & 6.

Please bare in mind that this coin is of very low quality but historically of great value…for the time being.

In the list provided below are two coins published by Duyrat numbered 1446/47 that have letters missing preventing an exact identification. Using the coins that were contributed for her study she concluded that both 1446 and 1447 had similar combinations of letters, that of aleph, nun & daleth. Indeed i was also of the same assumption that the lettering on my coin was akin to that of Duyrat´s. But there was one disconcerting problem, where was the palm tree seen on the majority of later issues of this type ?

Looking once again at my coin i noticed that the Phoenician letters were partially obscured by a thin layer of sand and dirt, gently using a dental pick i removed the sand surrounding them. To my astonishment when re-examining the coin under the magnifying glass i could now clearly see the AP monogram of Arados, palm tree and the letter Daleth. Nothing ventured, nothing gained springs to mind.

“At a later date i will be proposing a splitting of SÉRIE 1 into two different groups of coins, this due to issues concerning weight and measurement i.e denomination and also the lack of beveled flans on the larger coins of this type. In Oliver D. Hoover´s publication HGC 10, we actually see a separation of both types but he doesn’t give any explanation as to why they have been separated and indeed quotes Duyrat SÉRIE 1 for identification purposes”.

Listed below are the five coins published with era date 38 and two additional coins with illegible Phoenician dates below prow, for informational purposes my coin is numbered 1447b.

An 38 (222/1), ’ ?, D dans le champ en haut
1446 *D35?-R58, Londres, BM, BMC 95. 5,43 g, 19,2 mm, 6 h.

’, N ? dans le champ en haut
1447 *D36-R59, New York, ANS 1971 193 54. 5,27 g, 11.1 mm.

AP PT D dans le champ en haut / AP = Arados, PT=Palm Tree & D=Daleth.
1447b *D37-R59, collection Rowe (JB). 5,64 g, 18.28 mm, 12 h.

[-] No identifiable letters.
1448 *D37-R60, Berlin, SM, C. R. Fox (1873). 5,08 g, 18,4 mm, 12 h.
1449 D37-R60, New York, ANS 1948 19 2148. 4,52 g, 16,7 mm, 6 h.

An 38 ?
1450  *D38-R61, NewYork, ANS199254644 Lindgren. 5,62g, 17,6 mm, 12 h. Style du droit proche de celui de D36.
1451  *D39-R?, NewYork, ANS199254645 Lindgren. An35+. 4,40 g, 16,6 mm, 12 h.

Final attribution;

Phoenicia, Arados 222-221 B.C

AE 18.28mm (Thickness 2.99mm), weight 5.64g, die axis = 12h (0 degrees), denomination B.

Obverse: Turreted head of Tyche right, beading.

Reverse: Prow of galley left with (Ἀθηνᾶ Πρόμαχος) Athena Promachos figurehead fighting left, AP Monogram right, palm Tree and Phoenician letter daleth (D), Aradian era date 38 below.

JD 2


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